Brooke Lambe

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  1. Zion Adventure

    19 Jul 2018
    These posts will be out of order until I’m all caught up with my stories. For now, I’ll just write about what I feel like sharing in that moment. And right now, I would love to share with you the magical day I spent with Paul in Zion So who…

  2. Vanlife

    09 Jul 2018
    I had quite a few people slide into my DM’s while I was on the road asking me about my van. What vanlife is like, why and how I was able to travel by myself in a van and so on…so I wanted to make a whole blog post about…

  3. Mystic Hot Springs

    02 Jul 2018
      This place definitely lives up to it’s name. It is MYSTICAL! So how did I randomly end up here one summer, eventually call them my family, and run their social media? Let me tell you! It all started January of 2017. I had just gotten out of an almost 5…

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